Coale Johnson Live Solo Album

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Live Solo

  • Label: Rocket Lab

Instrumental and vocals, Jazz, Classical, Folk: Originals and covers

Tiring of trying to have a band i worked as a solo artist for several years. I had a lot of fun and freedom. One place i used to play frequently was a café in Saratoga, California. The owners, staff and customers were great so i lined up three nights in a row, got Lee Parvin to bring down some equipment and we recorded  everything I did. This CD is the result… no overdubs, no auto tune just what happened as it happened!

  1. 1

    Wing to Wing

  2. 2

    Medley One

  3. 3

    Medley Two

  4. 4

    Girl From North Country

  5. 5

    Ever Changing Woman

  6. 6

    La Hermosa

  7. 7

    Tecumseh Valley

  8. 8

    Some Other Time

  9. 9

    The Boxer

  10. 10

    God Bless The Child

  11. 11

    What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your LIfe?