Outside Agitators Album by Coale Johnson

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Outside Agitators


Ok, this is not really a Coale Johnson Project…it is a Bob and Coale project recorded in New Mexico and Bakersfield. However i can’t resist including it here. It is too effing good. Warning: do not put this one on if you want something peaceful and reflective! It ain’t easy being us and here we let you in on how it feels!! Even ex-wives and others that knew us back in the day love it but i think time and distance have helped me and bob out a bit! We can call it memory lane now but at the time it may have felt more like a dark alley!

  1. 1

    Why Are People Like That?

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Talk To Each Other

  4. 4

    Cajun Moon

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    Track 6